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Spicy Lime Mango Strips

This recipe satisfies every craving; from sweet, to salty, to spicy. It's actually a common food truck snack in Mexico.

I know that mangos can be a pain sometimes. Don't worry about making perfect cubes or strips. Any mango shrapnel will work ;)


2 mangos (any kind, yellow pictured)
1 tbsp raw cane sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chili powder
pinch of cayenne
juice from 1/2 lime
zest from 1/2 lime

Begin by placing all dry ingredients into a small bowl. Then add zest from half a lime. Then squeeze juice from lime into a separate bowl or spritzer.

Cut mango in half, around the pit. (in a similar fashion to an avocado) Twist to separate both halves. Remove pit. Cut mango into strips, then cut peel away. Again, don't worry if this doesn't go smoothly. Any small chunks or pieces of mango will work.

Either spritz lime juice onto mango pieces, or dredge each one in bowl of lime juice. If dredging, place in a colander for a few minutes, or you'll have too much fluid dripping everywhere. Wrap mango strips in a wax paper pocket (food truck style), or just place into a bowl.

Sprinkle all dry ingredients evenly over the mango (like you would salt on french fries).



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