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Bad Seasonal Allergies? Cut Out Dairy.

Spring is here. Which means, so are all those allergies.

If you've just come to accept that spring (and sometimes fall) will be a constant torture of sneezing, itchy eyes, and sore throat.. perhaps you should consider cutting out dairy.

I know, I know. You're shocked that a vegan-endorsing site is suggesting you cut out dairy.. But truly, it could help your allergies. Allow me to explain.
I came onto this topic because my husband had severe allergies. Cats, pollen, soybean dust (he grew up farming, and still helps from time to time), etc. Since he's cut out dairy, almost a year ago now, he's had no seasonal/pollen-type allergies. We haven't had the chance to throw him into a room full of cats, but I'll keep you posted.

What you may not know (most people don't) is that over 60% of our adult population is actually lactose intolerant. That's because we stop producing lactase (that breaks down lactose) after infancy. Obviously, some are more intolerant than others. But even a mild intolerance can aggravate/inflame the body, causing it to react more aggressively to other allergens.
As 3 Fat Chicks put it:

"Seasonal allergies are also the result of the immune system overreacting. But this time the invader is airborne and is usually in the form of pollen, dust or other foreign particles that the system does not recognize. Symptoms usually include sneezing, an itchy and runny nose and difficulty breathing.

One of the biggest reasons that dairy products worsen seasonal allergy symptoms is because dairy contains arachidonic acids, which increase the production of leukotrienes. Leukotrienes restrict the bronchial tubes, thus making it difficult for air to get through. This can bring on the production of phlegm and mucus, which can worsen the symptoms of allergies."

And while I never suffered from even mild allergies (knock on wood), I did get sinus infections on a regular basis. So far, so good.

So, other vegan issues aside, if you suffer from allergies.. year after year.. it's worth a try. Isn't it? Give it a month, and see how you feel. 
With so many alternatives available, you'll find it's quite simple to do.