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Vegan Dogs: Can It Be Done?

The simple answer is, yes, it can. "Should it be?" is much more contested. The reality is, a high-quality vegan dog food (or very carefully planned homemade food) can provide all the nutrients that Fido needs. Many dogs thrive on such diets. Still, many folks argue that it's not natural. Sure, wild dogs most assuredly consume other animals. But here's the rub. It's hard to use the "natural" argument, as if we're still raising wolves in our home. Is the fluffy bed, water cooler, curling up for tv time, or daily walks on a leash "natural" by wild dog standards? What about the fact that the "meat" most dogs are now consuming aren't wild animals they've hunted, but instead, scraps and byproducts from the slaughterhouse floor and reject pile? Is that really 'better' for our pets? So, let's just let go of the 'natural' argument on this one. More important is the health of your pet, and if you