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Soy: Is It Really Bad?

This isn't just an issue that comes up for vegans. We've all heard someone say, "I don't eat soy. I don't want man boobs!" or "I'm trying to get pregnant, and soy messes with your hormones." or "Soy is GMO crap." Can we please lay this one to rest already? Soy has been villainized enough. Let's address the two major concerns with soy. Soy is all GMO -- No. Between 90-95% of soy (which is mostly GMO) is sold for livestock feed, not direct human consumption. So if you're worried about consuming GMO soy, stop eating meat from factory farms and/or anything that is 'convenience' or 'fast food.' In reality, most of the soy targeted to vegans and vegetarians is clearly labelled as non-GMO and/or organic. Most grocery stores these days carry non-GMO soy milk, faux meats, ice cream, etc. Soy messes with your hormones and/or will give you man boobs -- Again, no. The topic of debate here is the presence of phyt