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My Vegan Valentine

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.

Store shelves are chock full of chocolates and candies; most filled milk or gelatin. What's a vegan to do?

Sure, there are greeting cards and flowers.. and the occasional dark chocolate. But what about the vegan candy, or the cruelty-free bath?

Here's my Top 6 list of vegan must-haves for this Valentine's Day:

1) Sjaak's Organic Dark Chocolate Heart (filled with dark chocolates). Cause what's better than chocolate? Several chocolates. That's what.

2) Get Zum Bath Salt & Massage Oil Gift Set. Because baths and/or massages lead to.. Well, you know.

3) Crazy Rumors: Parlor Collection (set of 4 lip balms). They taste like ice-cream! Warning: May lead to kissing.

4) Farm Sanctuary's "Roll in The Hay" Soy Candle. Sure, the cow and chicken logo may not seem to get the recipient in a romantic mood. But it's called "Roll in The Hay" for a reason. Plus, nothing is sexier than compassion.. and knowing that the proceeds help Farm Sanctuary keep going is just a bonus.

5) Shiraleah Jill Brown Heart Fingerless Mittens. Baby, it's a little cold outside. Nobody wants to hold a freezing hold. Warm 'em up!

6) Christy Robinson's Valentine's Collection. You can't go wrong with any of these. I'm a huge fan of her recycled materials and animal-friendly messaging.


Hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day!