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Vegan Deli Sandwich

Alright. I get it. When you picture a deli sandwich, you picture mounds of meat and cheese. But here's the thing. I don't really care for 'faux' meat and cheese. So I was looking to make a simple sandwich that gave me the salty and fatty taste -- with no animals or processed soy involved. And I must tell you.. this has become a bit of an addiction.

That said, if you have favorite 'faux' deli meat or cheese, give it a whirl. Nobody will judge you ;)

1 loaf of crusty/deli-style vegan bread
Vegenaise (or other vegan mayo)
dill pickle slices
iceberg lettuce, shredded or torn
extra virgin olive oil, to drizzle
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
oregano, to taste

If your bread needs to be cut to size, now's the time. Put a thin layer of Vegenaise on the inside of both the top and bottom piece. Add a sprinkle of dried oregano to both layers of Vegenaise. Place two layers of iceberg lettuce on the bottom. Add two layers of dill pickle slices. Drizzle on olive oil, veeery lightly, by covering the opening with your thumb.. only allowing a couple droplets to come out at a time. Add a pinch of salt and pepper (and more oregano if you're a fan). Place top onto sandwich.

This will really hit the spot on a warm day. My husband likes his with a little red onion. So play around with it. Use this as your base, and you can't go wrong.